OKR Free Book Festival

Support Literacy In Baltimore, MD!

Our Kids Read, in partnership with Morgan Stanley, is bringing a Free Book Festival to Glenmount Elementary and Middle School in Baltimore, MD!

In April 2024, we will bring storytellers, West African drummers and free passes to join the OKR evening virtual Reading Buddies program.

Event Partners:

Key Partner

The idea for this event grew out of a collaboration between the Volunteer Committees in Morgan Stanley’s Arlington, VA and Baltimore, MD offices. Employees in the Arlington location had previously participated in the Our Kids Read virtual Reading Buddies program and were exploring new ways to support OKR’s mission. When connecting with OKR founder Jahmal Lake, an opportunity emerged to do an in-person event with a school in the Baltimore region. Arlington volunteers contacted Baltimore volunteers, everyone liked what they heard, and a team quickly formed to organize a fun event that would put great books into eager young readers’ hands.

Pick one of two (2) ways to support

OPTION | 1 Give the gift of a book in the virtual book drive
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Donate one or more books for children to take home with them during this event. Here is a sample of the diverse books that we will be bringing to this event:

NOTE: During the checkout process please select the shipping address: Our Kids Read's Gift Registry Address. This ensures the books will be sent to our kids read headquarters in Columbia, MD. They will take the donated books to the school on the day of the festival.

OPTION | 2 Donate to Defray the 5K event cost
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OKR is a 100% volunteer organization but we do pay contract musicians, storytellers and part-time staff. Please donate to support the cost of bring the best event possible to the students we serve.